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LED Display Lifetime


The operational lifetime of an LED Display is determined by the lifetime of the LEDs. LED Manufacturers estimate theLED lifetime to be 100,000 hours under certain operating conditions. LED Display end of lifetimes is when the frontal brightness has decreated to 50% of original brightness.


Three primary factors determine LED lifetime:

Manufacturing process of the LED

Driving (powering) method of the LED

Temperatures present at the LED die during operation


LED thermal management is vitally important to maintaining LED lifetime. Increasing the power through an LED increases brightness but reduces its lifetime due to increased heat generation. Increased exposure to higher temperature also shortens the lifetime. LED thermal management can only be done through the LED lead frame by conducting the heat to a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and by allowing airflow to cool the LED lead frame.


LED Display components must be designed to handle a wide rang of outdoor environmental factors, such as temperature and humidity. All components must be coated to protect from possible corrosion.

What is LED?

LED is standed for Light Emitting Diode, a kind of semiconductor which is used to give and receive the electronic signal into infrared rays or light, using the characteristics of compound semiconductor. This is used for household appliances, remote controller, electric bulletin board, various kinds of automation appliances.

An LED is a solid-state electronic device than emits light when energized by applying power. The LED die is mounted to a lead frame (see below) which is encapsulated in an epoxy lens. The epoxy lens directs the emitted light and protects the LED die from physical damage. The lead frame provides the electrical connections, the physical mounting and a thermal heat sink to remove the heat generated within the LED. A good LED display manufacturer must have an in-depth understanding of LEDs and their properties, as well as use high-quality components in order to develop effective designs than stand the test of time.


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