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Small Pixel Pitch Series is so popular with the market

 First let us know about the LED screen, LED display industry for small spacing definition, in fact, in the era of rapid development of science and technology, the definition of every period are also different.
In ten years ago when the LED industry has emerged, LED pixel pitch under 4 mm products can be defined as a small spacing, in the five years ago, LED pixel pitch to 2.5 mm can only be called within the small distance between the LED screen; Nowadays, with the improving of the production technology research and development level, small spacing LED standards had to less than 2 mm.
The emergence of small spacing display technology for LED display you usher in the age of "Quality and soft", which is given priority to with outdoor LED screen has spread to the indoor LED screen applications, such as security monitoring, exhibitions, business education, etc.
Now LED market, small spacing, large size is the LED screen display industry keywords, the LED screen born with seamless, long life, good color reproduction ability, as well as the advantages of the low power consumption, low maintenance cost, and the evolution of the small spacing technology, will greatly accelerate the pace of the LED display technology into indoor applications. Small spacing LED first to achieved great breakthrough in the field of commercial construction market.
RIS  photoelectric in the small distance between the LED screen has stable production and r&d of perfect system, is the small distance between the LED screen market The famous brand