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LED Display Buying Guide

LED display industry in China is basically formed by the independent development of enterprises under the market environment; LED display industry is a relatively competitive industry, high degree of marketization. Therefore, in the aspects of market competition, broadening the application, it is quite successful. However, high degree of market also will inevitably result in excessive price competition, product quality is uneven. So consumers in selecting the appropriate LED display need to know some judgments and distinguish between true and false with quality, also good or bad way.
If the LED display is in front of you, you do not know how to identify whether it is good or bad, will feel a trace of helplessness, now we tell you quietly LED display can be identify good or bad from below aspects:
1. Flatness
The surface flatness of the display need to be within ± 1mm, in order to ensure the display image is not distorted, partial raised or recessed causes the display viewing angle appears dead. Flatness is good or bad mainly determined by the production process.
2. Brightness and Viewing Angle
Indoor full color brightness need to up 800cd/m² or more, outdoor full color brightness need to up to 1500 cd/m² or more, in order to ensure the normal operation of the display, otherwise, it will not see displayed image clearly if the brightness is too low. The size of luminance is mainly determined by the LED tube core. The viewing angle of LED display directly depends on the amount of audience, therefore, the bigger the better. The size of viewing angle is mainly decided by die packages mothods.
 3. The White Balance Effect
White balance effect is one of the most important indicators to judge good or bad quality of LED display brand. The pure white will show only red, green and blue color taken in the ratio of 1: 4.6: 0.16, if the actual proportion of white balance has a little deviation occurs, usually pay attention to whether there is bluish white, yellow green phenomenon. White balance is primarily determined by the quality of display control system, tube core of color reducibility may also be affected.
 4. Color Reducibility
The color reducibility refers to display of color reducibility, the led display should has a high degree of consistency with the source color, so as to ensure that the image sense of realism.
 5. Mosaic, Dead center phenomenon:
Mosaic refers to the steady appear on the display or normally black small four-square, that is modules necrosis, the main reason for the display quality of the connect or used does not pass. Always dead point is appearing on the screen or normally black single point, how good or bad from the die to determine the dead point. So the only choice is similar to Furi, Swaziland Silan, three safety optoelectronics, Absen, Meiyad LED display these more famous brands.
 6. The presence of color piece
Color refers to the obvious color difference, the color transition between adjacent modules based on modular units, the color phenomenon is mainly caused by poor control system, the gray level is not high, lower scanning frequency.
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