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Three tips help you choose the right led screen tv for your show

     We all know that a show cannot do without the led display,because it’s will increase stage effect,and make your show more fantastic.when the show is in outdoor, we can use the outdoor rental led display,on the contrary,we can use the indoor (rental) led display.But do you know how to choose the right led screen tv for your show?


     When you decided to buy a show led screen tv ,the following should be noted.
    Firstly,you should offer the area of the installation site,then the seller will design the adapt cabinet for you.
    Secondly,you should know the distance between the show and audience.this will help the seller advise the pixel pitch for you.
    Thirdly,you should tell your seller the screen tv used indoor or outdoor,because if it;s used in outdoor ,the seller will design the waterproof led screen tv for you.
    Ok, that’s all some sample tips for you to choose
led screen tv,led show tv,if you want to know more details or have any question ,welcome to contract me.