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Tips for Selecting a Shopping Mall LED Display

As society makes progress, people begin to emphasize aesthetics and convenience in nearly every corner of our lives. Shopping mall, as an essential entertainment center is definitely out of question. Old tattered billboard is no longer popular, and are replaced by large LED display imperceptibly for more versatile display contents and much higher aesthetic standards. However, concerns surface in terms of items, quality, brands as customers begin to pick over a proper product very carefully. This article is to point out certain aspects that should be taken into account when selecting from hundreds of items.





Firstly, some general concerns should be noticed. The price should be economically affordable. Purely seeking expensive product is not rational at all. For best textual display effect, P10 outdoor LED display is a better choice. For better display effect, P5, P6, P7.62, P8 full color indoor LED screen and P10, P12, P16, P20 full color outdoor LED screen are more preferable.
Technically, as far as brightness is concerned, all LED display screens should be installed in accordance with their functions. That’ to say, indoor LED display shouldn’t be set up outdoors. Inappropriate installation will cause malfunction and disruption to advertising.
Moreover, in terms of display contents, full color LED screen is usually used to show pictures and videos. Text, data, form 3D images and animations are generally displayed by dual color LED screen. If you only need to show text, data, forms, mono-color LED screen is enough.
In addition, information capacity of LED screens is inevitably a point to consider. Though when LED screen can display is limitless, we ought to estimate how much information can be shown at a time. Besides, how high it can be installed for a proper viewing distance cannot be ignored as well. It’s user experience that counts, after all.
The application of outdoor LED display is an irreversible trend, but how it can be used needs more attention for an optimized advertising.