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Behind Astonishing Traffic Accidents

  On 23rd October 2015, a terrible traffic collision occurred in France. At 7:30 am, a coach head-on collided with a lorry near Bordeaux, causing 43 deaths and 8 more injuries. Both vehicles were all burned to frames. It was soon considered the most severe traffic accident since 1982, when 53 people died, including 44 children, in another traffic accident in Burgundy.
    According to World Health Organization(WHO) statistics, approximately 1.25 million people died annually worldwide from 2011 to 2013. Although death toll of traffic accidents in 79 countries and areas has declined, it has been rising in 68 more places around the world. Among all deaths of traffic accidents, pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists in total take up 49%. Europe is relatively the safest continent in that it has the lowest chance of dying in a road traffic crash. Asia, on the other hand, is comparatively most deadliest continents affected by road traffic crashes. Statistics also manifest that China witnesses more than 260 000 deaths annually due to traffic accidents.
China is the biggest vehicle market in the world right now, and as Chinese consumers’ purchase power grows constantly, traffic becomes heavier than ever. Such horrible accidents may be inevitable at times, but for traffic regulators, tentative measures must be taken immediately to minimize the injuries and hopefully avoid certain incidents.
    Traffic police used to set up giant billboards along the roads to keep drivers alerted in road conditions, but currently with the rapid traffic construction for urbanization, computerized road condition supervision has been put forward. Traffic LED display, accordingly, becomes an substitute for traditional billboards. It could help drivers obtain road conditions simultaneously as anything happens at anytime in any place, saving them enough time to make preparations for contingencies. Besides, there are series of traffic LED display suppliers in China with mature and refined technology.IRIS  is among one of them.
    For a secured road condition, an upgrade for electronic information display should be widely applied. Less traffic accidents will occur, more lives will be saved.