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Something to Know: Outdoor LED Display

When we go for a walk, we are all impressed by all sorts of gorgeous advertising boards on both sides of a street. Indeed, Outdoor LED display is widely applied in economy, tax, business, post offices, sports, advertising, mining industry, public transportation, education, railway stations, harbors, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, banks and stock markets, etc. The wide range of application is dependent on its multi-functions typically information announcement, multimedia display and traffic control. Usually, outdoor LED display is attached to outdoor media, which specifically refer to the roof of a building, the doorstep in a CBD, city squares and plazas, etc. Technically, as we notice, the most commonly used instruments are LED display, traditional advertising billboard and inflatable models.


Outdoor LED display is an inexorable trend in advertising industry for the 21st century since this device combining video and audio functions is a convenient high tech equipment for modern city planning and construction. What’s more, the creative appearance and adjustable size makes outdoor LED display more favorable in the advertising market. Owing to government advocates, outdoor LED display is largely adopted in various fields of industry. The old printed ads, banner ads and light cabinet boxes seem to be likely to be phased out as time goes by.


In terms of technology, LED display is divided into graphic display and video display, both of which are made of LED cabinets or LED dot matrix module. Graphic display media can synchronously display characters, numbers, letters, signs and simple pictures with computers. Video display use computer for overall control for simultaneous display of pictures and texts. Live broadcast is hence possible. In fact, animation, videotape, DVD programs and live TV broadcast are all accessible with outdoor LED display.