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A four-day Trip to Zhangjiajie and Fenghuang

More than 100 staff in IRIS started a four-day trip to Zhangjiajie and Fenghuang on May 18, 2015.
The first day we went to the so-called "the first elevator in the world", it is the worlds tallest tourism elevator with the highest speed and biggest load capacity. We could view one of the ten extraordinary sights "soldiers absolutely party" when taking the elevator. When setting foot on the big balcony in Yuanjiajie, our vision had broadened. The hills needed to look up to now lay on our feet quietly and docilely. We could view the fantastic and magical world in the movie of Avatar when taking the cable car. And the sight spot “ten miles of pictures” gave us a feeling that “people are travelling in pictures”.
The next day, we bathed in brilliant sunshine, and walked into the Golden Whip Stream. The winding stream flowed along the Wuling ridge, making people feel the tranquil nature. When walking to the Longevity Spring, visitors couldn’t help taking a sip or taking a bottle of the spring away. As the saying goes: a sip of the spring can make people live to ninety-nine. The most distinctive scene is the wild monkey. The green grass, streams, forest, wild monkeys-----all those made us intoxicated with the artistic conception.
Being in Fenghuang, we seemed to have a time-travel. Just like Alice roaming the fairyland, we came to a fantasy kingdom: both sides of the long and narrow streets are packed with caesious antique houses. Each storefront was filled with all kinds of small commodity, just like the special silverwork and costume from the Miao nationality, and other kinds of souvenirs?all which had dazzled our eyes. Standing in the ancient towers, we can have a panoramic view of the beauty of Fenghuang, the peculiar "suspended buildings" just stand along the beautiful Tuo river.
Apart from the beautiful scenery, there are a large number of eminent persons there. The prefect of Guizhou province Xingshu Tian who decapitated foreign illegal missionary in order to safeguard national dignity; The national hero Guohong Zheng; The first republic elected cabinet prime minister Xiling Xiong; The literature master Congwen Shen; The Chinese painting master Yongyu Huang and so on. All their lusters have made Fenghuang more glamorous.
Four days’ travelling ended soon. We set foot on the returning bus with attachment and satisfactory. Thanks for IRIS giving us such a chance to experience a pure natural baptism!

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