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The basic composition of LED display system

LED DISPLAY is composed of a number of composable patchwork display unit unit display board or unit housing) constitute the screen body, plus a set of appropriate controller (master or control system So a variety of specifications of the display board or unit housing and control technology of the controller can be composed of many different kinds of LED display, in order to satisfy the different environment, the needs of different display requirements.


1) metal structure framework


Indoor screen is generally made up of aluminium alloy Angle aluminum or aluminum square tube within the framework of display board etc, all kinds of circuit board and switch power supply, outside the borders using dark brown aluminum alloy square tube, stainless steel or aluminum alloy package, or sheet metal. Outdoor screen frame according to the screen size and bearing capacity for Angle or i-steel commonly, the casing outside the aluminum-plastic plate can be used for decoration.
2) the display unit

Display the main body of local, composed of luminescent materials and the driving circuit Indoor screen is a variety of specifications of the unit display board, outdoor screen is unit housing.
3) scan control panel

The function of the circuit board is data buffer, compared various scanning signals, and gray level control signals.

4) switching power supply

220 v alternating current (ac) into various kinds of direct current (dc) to provide all kinds of circuit.

5) twisted pair transmission cables

Master meter display data and various control signals by the twisted-pair cable transmission to the screen.

6) The main controller

The input RGB digital video signal buffer, gray level transformation, reorganize, and produce various kinds of control signals.

7) All landowners special display card and multimedia CARDS

Besides has the basic function of the computer display card line digital RGB signal output and at the same time, also, blanking signal to control apparatus, etc. Multimedia in addition to the above function can also be the input analog Video signal into digital RGB signals (i.e., Video acquisition)

8) Today the computer and its peripherals

Mainly used for synchronization of video playback