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How to choose led brand when buying a good Taxi Roof Signs、Taxi LED Display、Taxi Top LED Display Display led screen?

How to choose led brand when buying a good Taxi Roof Signs、Taxi LED Display、Taxi Top LED Display Display led screen?
There are kinds of led screen in markets ,different types,different brand,also have different quality and price ,so we always have a question that how to choose led brand when buying a led screen?
The LED's are surely the most important quality criteria when it comes to LED video displays. They determine the image quality of the display and are decisive in determining how the image quality is retained over time. The quality characteristics for LED's are very diverse, and, here too, the maxim applies: the most expensive choice is not always the best choice.
The quality of an LED is determined primarily by the chip used. It determines the service life of the LED and how the lighting behavior of the LED changes over time.The most important factor for purchasing a LED screen and determining which LED's to choose are:Brightness:The higher the brightness, the better. You can run the display at a lower brightness, thus increasing the service life or increasing visibility during the day when the sun is shining.
Electrostatic Discharge(ESD): The LED chips produced by various manufacturers differentiate themselves through a varying sensitivity to the effects of electrostatic discharge (for example due to contact). Display failures caused by electrostatic discharges can be prevented by implementing safeguarding measures against ESD in the production process.Sensitivity to Temperature Variations: Poor LED chips can fade faster, i.e. their service life can shorten, if they are exposed to high temperature variations. Depending on the country, temperatures can become extremely hot or cold during the summer or winter months,respectively. As a result, a poor LED quality could cause premature fading of the overall,expensive LED display.
General Service Life: The general service life of the LED's often lies between 50,000 and 100,000 hours. (100,000 hours equates to 10 years of continuous display operation at full white, if no other factors exist which reduce the service life; such as increased heat in the display housing, or operating the LED's at over voltage in order to balance brightness reduction.
In generally,the overall consideration is necessary to buying led screen.
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