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Sales Service    


1. Pre-sales:
1) Field reconnaissance:
Collect customer local information, such as climate,policies,voltage,etc.,Led display installation location,orientation, purposes,etc.
Specialty design
According to the customer's information and additional requirements, comprehensive professional design solutions for customers, make the design meet the best viewing of distance, installation, maintenance, etc. Not only ensure products meet the requirements, and keep the economy on more to save money.
Selection of technical scheme:
Considering the availability, usability, maintainability, choose the best solution for customers

2. On Sale
1) Follow Production Plan:
In the process of production, truthfully report production progress and ensure the delivery on schedule.
2) Professional packing:
Environmental carton case, plywood case, flight case USE professional packaging. The way of Packing can prevent the collision of LED screen effectively in the process of transportation, such as falling damage, etc. Faultlessly solve your worries in the transportation.
3) Installation instruction:
If the area is larger, we usually require customers or dealers to send someone to come to factory to study, training time a week, the main study screen operation, maintenance. Company training and providing accommodation are free of charge.
Free for customers on site equipment operation training, ensure that use party personnel can skillfully master all kinds of equipment and software using conventional methods, and judge some problems and fix them.
4) Field debugging:
On-site guidance using the led display, verify the quality of our products and can light the led display successfully.
5) Confirm acceptance:
Confirmation Led display is in accordance with customer requirements and quality standards, products can be used efficiently.

3. After Sale

1) Warrantee
Free to solve the quality problems to ensure that equipment normal operation in the warranty period . At any time, we bear all the responsibility, when the problem is from the product itself.
2) Free warranty:
Free warranty in the warranty period.
Only charge the cost of raw materials, provide spare parts and maintenance services for the lowest price after the warranty period.
3)quick response
Response within 2 hours, non-artificial, general fault solution within 24 hours, and acceptable failure resolved within 48 hours.
4) Free support:
Through telephone or network to provide service support in real time, or with the help of a network for remote debugging support (software), to solve the problem.